The Perfect Tenant Program

Consistent Monthly Rent. No Additional Expenses. Guaranteed.

No traditional property management agreement can guarantee that property owners receive a constant rental income. In order to keep the property profitable you will still regularly invest money in renovation, repair, and maintenance. Depending on the lease agreement, you may even need to pay lawncare and utility bills. The property will not produce income as long as it is vacant, or when tenants do not pay rent and get evicted. To add to these financial risks, you will also need to dedicate a part of your time to stay in touch with us, whether we ask for confirmation or inform you about management decisions we take on your behalf.

The problem

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Vacancies, repairs, maintenance, or a non-cooperative tenant can become a real threat to the financial security of our clients, whether they are dependent on rental income to pay mortgages, or just to make ends meet. For some of our clients, time is what matters most. Many property owners may simply do not have the time or are not interested in staying in contact with property managers about the many issues that arise in the administration of rental properties.

Your needs

For clients that want a consistent, long-term rental income with no hassle on their side, we offer an alternative to the traditional property management plans, the Perfect Tenant Program.

With the Perfect Tenant Program, you sign a lease agreement and give us control over the property and the right to sublease it with the expectation of profit. On our end, we pay the rent, utilities, and take care of all maintenance and repair expenses. We also take on all the risks related to vacancy, tenants defaulting on rent, and evictions. In short, you are guaranteed to receive your monthly rent no matter what happens on our end!

Benefits of the Perfect Tenant Program

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