What We Do Differently

Property management innovation, improvement, and fine-tuning lay at the core of our approach to services. That is why we are often the first in our field to offer new services and embrace novel solutions. 

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Tech solutions

Smart home conversion

Keys add unnecessary hassle. We upgrade access to your property through a keyless smart lock. Instead of using keys, tenants generate access codes through an app. This is the perfect solution for visitors, babysitters, and anyone that needs to enter the home, and our feedback from tenants is overwhelmingly positive. In addition to the lock, this technology also gives us the option to add a smart home thermostat.

Tech for process optimization

Spreadsheets and to-do lists are great, but not for everything. We are committed to using technology in every facet of our business. Every process, from communication, to e-signatures, accounting, or maintenance is recorded real-time in our databases. Why? Because it makes us more efficient and minimizes rental income loss.

Leasing solutions 

Custom lease for landlord protection

We say no to stock lease agreements. Our fully-tailored lease agreements protect your interests in detail. Leases renew automatically every year with a pre-set rental increase, and contain addenda that protect every inch of your property, from mold to bed bugs and beyond.

Asset protection plan

It is simple to require tenants to obtain renter’s insurance, but almost impossible to make sure they maintain it. We keep our own asset protection plan for your property which provides gap coverage in case of accidental catastrophic tenant damage. Irrespective of what the tenant does, your rental investment is covered.

Two-month security deposit

The typical one-month security deposit is often insufficient if the tenant leaves serious damage behind, particularly when they own pets. We guarantee a two-month security deposit. No matter the damage, we can use the security deposit to repair your property and avoid additional costs to you.

Maintenance and repair solutions

Air filter delivery service

We do not simply require the tenant to change the air filters. We actually mail them the air filters with a date stamp to ensure this happens. And then we check the filters on any of our periodic property assessments.

Marketing solutions

Professional photos & videos

You would think every management company does this; think again! Check out any of our listings and you will see the clear difference. When we market your property, we only have one opportunity to make that very important first impression with potential tenants. That means we only use professional photographs and a detailed video. On average, we get our properties rented within 17 days of listing them.

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High standards of expertize 

Third-party monthly audit

We expose ourselves to a third-party monthly audit by Smart Business Consultants to perform and seal all our reconciliations and verify your income is safe and secure. In addition to that, our bookkeeper is bonded, just to make sure that we are insured against mistakes and fraud. 

We are also landlords

You cannot know something in detail until you do it yourself. We own rental property as well, just to know in the smallest detail what are the needs of our landlords. 

We offer consulting services for businesses in our field

Matthew Tringali, one of our company founders, is a business consultant with other property management companies all over the country.  He is training them to be productive and efficient in every aspect of their business with the aim to improve communication and deliverables to their landlord clients.

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