Get buyer and listing leads from Smart Shield Property Management

What happens to your referrals?

Before we get into how we can send you unique leads, we first want to say what happens to the clients you refer to us. Any client that you refer to us for property management, we guarantee to send the client back to you when they are ready to buy or sell; we aren’t even members of MLS.

We specialize exclusively in property management and we have designed our Agent Referral Program to give the same level of care and attention that you would give to your clients. We focus on having a full service property management solution that takes care of the property start to finish. This means that when you start working with your client again, the home will be as good or better than when you left it.

Why Do We Have Leads?

We have an active and ongoing relationship with hundreds of property owners and hundreds of tenants all of whom will eventually have a real estate transactions. What type of leads do we have?

  • Current Client Listings - Most of our landlords are in it for the long-haul. But, we understand that circumstances change and every year we have landlords who decide this year is the time for them to sell the asset and do something else.
  • New Client Listings - Dozens of prospective landlords contact us every single month asking us if they should rent or sell their home. We aren’t willing to sign-up just anyone to be a landlord and we often end up with multiple leads every single month that should sell their house, instead of renting it.
  • Current Client Investment Buyers - These are our favorite and most valued leads! This is when one of our current landlords is ready to expand their portfolio and wants help buying their next rental investment property.
  • New Client Investment Buyers - We have many prospective clients contact us every single month about our property management services, but don’t yet own a rental property and the first thing they need is help buying a rental property.
  • Current Client Homebuyers - One of our chief responsibilities is to keep our tenants renewing the lease. But, of course, many of our tenants have a goal of buying a home and we are happy for them when they achieve a piece of the American Dream.

What do we do with our leads?

We appreciate your trust. That is why we are happy to refer landlords and tenants in search of a new property to all agents enrolled in our Agent Referral Program.