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How We Do Everything and Why it Matters?

We have a lot of information for you on what we do and how it benefits our landlord clients and resident tenants.  But, this is a special post where we share with you how we do everything that we do.  It is tempting to wonder if all property management companies are the same, but they are very clearly not and can be witnessed in many ways, such as their online google reviews.  But, to get at the heart of what makes any company different you must not simply see what they do, but you must understand, how and why they do everything that they do.  So, here are Smart Shield Property Management’s three core values that affect how we do everything.

1. Effortless Communication. Most landlords hire us because they don’t want to be involved in the day to day happenings with their rental properties.  However, they want to have a high level understanding of the important happenings, particularly when it will impact their finances.  With this in mind, we have harnessed the best communication platforms and strategies to deliver the answers you need before you even realized what questions you would want to ask.  And when you do have extra questions, we have many dedicated staff monitoring our help desk ready to answer your questions, quickly and effectively.  While this sounds simple, it is, unfortunately not common; every year the most common complaint against property management companies is lack of communication.  But, at Smart Shield, communication is core to who we are.

2. Proprietary Processes. At Smart Shield it is ingrained into our culture to meticulously define,document and follow processes.  And this job is never done as we live in a constantly changing world, so we must continuously fine-tune our processes.  Many property managers may do fine work, but struggle to do so consistently because they do not define and follow their processes.  Imaging baking the perfect cake, but you didn’t write down the recipe.  You try and try to replicate it, but you can never get it quite right.  We not only write down the recipe for success, but we are constantly looking for ways to make the cake even better.

3. Create Value. In every relationship we have, including real estate agents, vendors, resident tenants, but especially our landlord clients, we look to create value.  We look to leave things better than we found them.  This means having a heads up attitude as we go throughout our day, always looking for ways to go above and beyond our normal course of duties.  We promise to create value for you and your investments.